Virtual Safety Solutions & Training is an international provider of health, safety, environmental, quality management, Aviation Safety Management training and Wellness Coaching, including courses accredited by NEBOSH (in association with TATA Projects), IOSH, HABC as well as a range of short courses designed to meet specific training needs. If you're looking for professional training to further your career, or your company needs a cost-effective way to deliver health and safety training to large numbers of staff, we have the solution you need.


Be the One-stop Centre of Professional Solutions,
Training & Services for safety professionals.


Offer professional business solutions, training
and consultancy to safety professionals.


Intellectual Approach - We demonstrate our capacity for innovative thinking and application of sound reason based on our extensive experience and knowledge.

Straightforward Approach - We apply clear thought and logic based on our extensive knowledge and experience to achieve effective outcomes.

Adaptable Approach - We tailor our thinking, our processes and our personnel to meet the challenges of each new project.



For our behavior

For our actions and outcomes

For our safety and that of others

For our social & cultural responsibilities

For the protection of our environment

For the relationship with both our clients and our colleagues


Virtual Safety Solutions and Training is committed to ensuring that quality underlies every aspect of the businesses objectives:

  • Being customer, industry and community driven
  • Having a strategic plan in place
  • Improving communication channels
  • Initiating and sustaining employee involvement and a teamwork approach
  • Designing training programs to meet the needs of the customer, industry and community
  • Using performance indicators to improve and develop
  • Using assessment/appraisal results to improve
  • Commitment to change